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Golf Instruction Articles by Mike McTeigue

While I was CEO of SportSense, Inc.  I wrote a number of instruction articles in golf publications, based on my research into the golf swing.  These are included here as downloadable PDF files.  I hope you enjoy them.   (Some of the files are large and will take a few moments to download completely.)


The Science of the Swing. 

Cover Article and three additional articles in Golf Magazine

This was a four article series highlighting the key differences between tour players and amateur golf swings.  The articles are based on data captured with our Swing Motion Trainer and Golf Swing Tuner.  Includes useful swing drills to give you the feeling of a pro swing.  To download the series, click here.

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Kiss Your !#&% Slice Goodbye!

Cover Article in Senior Golfer

This cover article describes a two step process for curing a chronic slice and prescribes useful swing drills.  Surprisingly, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen this emphasis on a free wrist hinge in any other instruction regarding the slice!  To download the article, click here.


The X Factor with Jim McLean

Cover article in Golf Magazine

I collaborated with Jim McLean on this groundbreaking article, which introduced a major key to distance among tour players:  the differential between hip and shoulder turn at the top of the backswing.  Jim went on to produce an instruction book and video tape of the same name.  At the time, Golf Magazine told me this was their best selling news stand edition in history.  Download the X Factor article here.

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The MythBuster in Golf Magazine

This two page article introduced my Swing Motion Trainer, the most disruptive technology for golf swing analysis and training available anywhere (at that time :-))  To download the article, click here.


Hip and Spine Motion During the Golf Swing

from the World Scientific Congress of Golf.

This is a paper Steve Lamb and I presented at the World Scientific Congress of Golf at St. Andrews in Scotland.  It summarized data we captured on swings of tour players and amateurs with the Swing Motion Trainer.   You can download the article here.


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